Hypnotist: Goddess Ellechemy

This session is one smooth induction from waking through a visualisation and confusion induction and trickles slyly into meta training, allowing the listener to accept thoughts of Ellechemy into their own, over their own, replacing them.

A very zen experience, the soft acoustics make it feel like Goddess is cradling your head, lulling you down with whispers.

Despite minimal erotic content, I felt aroused throughout the entire session, and eager to be told what to think next. I do enjoy the background whispers that remind you of the goal, of who is in charge.

I feel that this is designed as an induction for other sessions as well as loopable training, and both uses would be wholely fulfilling, as your mind cycles from being liquidised, aerosolized and reformed, before starting again.

The slight of hand used to establish the core concept of this training is something I found especially pleasing, as empty blankness is harder for me than focused fullness.

In the end, Mindlessness is achieved by realising your own isn’t needed, instead reducing it to Goddess’ mental conduit, receiving, relaying and experiencing as you are told, and this mirrors true submission as well.

No surprise, but I highly recommend this to any hypnonauts with an analytical mind, as well as any Ellechemy fans (for whom it is almost mandatory).

Time to wake up~

One thought on “Puddles

  1. Love this review. Very perceptive & beautifully articulated. You felt it almost exactly like i did but express it much better than i could.


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